About Misolla Legal Company

Misolla Legal Company is a Canadian law firm that helps customers in North America and Europe grow their businesses successfully. Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is the location of our corporate headquarters. We’ve been here since 2010.

Misolla Legal Company is a bonafide member of Corporations Canada.

We assist our customers in registering a business in any Canadian province. On top of that, we provide assistance to new and first-time business owners by organizing all of the essential paperwork to establish a profitable enterprise in Canada. Working with a wide range of businesses is something we do including sole proprietorship, small, medium, big enterprises, as well as international corporations and non-profit organizations.

The primary notion is that everything should adhere to the letter and spirit of the law. Regardless of your business – it should be lawful.

In addition to registering a company, you can add a CRA Business Number, an HST Account, a Payroll Account, an Export-Import Account, and a WSIB registration to our list of services, for example.

Other than that, we assist in the negotiation process with numerous governing bodies in Canada, such as CRA (Canada Revenue Agency), CIC (Canada Immigration and citizenship), Ministry of Labour, Global Affairs Canada (Ministry of Trade) and other organizations.

We are a business development center, to put it simply.

There are corporate lawyers and a legal team at our company. Our attorneys have years of expertise and are dependable team members that dedicate themselves to their work and are always looking out for the interests of their clients. We adhere strictly to the terms of the contract and complete all paperwork for your company on schedule.

Our staff is always on the lookout for new trends and cutting-edge technological advancements for efficient communications with our clients. It helps our customers place their orders online because it’s more convenient for them and our specialists. We’re quick to respond and always offer our clients a full range of business services at very affordable and competitive pricing. Upon receipt, our specialist analyses your order to ensure that you entered your information accurately. If we need more information, we’ll get in touch with you by email or phone.


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