Start-up Support in Canada

If you’re just getting started in business and don’t know how to incorporate in Canada, Misolla Legal Company team can assist you. Additionally, businesses may be confronted with several legal issues throughout the early stages of their firm. Incorporation, intellectual property protection, compliance with employment rules, tax planning, and funding should all be familiar to them.

When our clients make common mistakes, it can lead to legal concerns, ruined deals, financial consequences, or limiting their capacity to implement and reap the benefits of their project. We help them avoid these common pitfalls.

When it comes to the legal business establishment in Canada, we assist our clients every step of the way. Our experts are always happy to give their finest startup advice.

Numerous issues will not be addressed if a new pandemic occurs, such as the one caused by COVID-19. Other common subjects we discuss with our clients include the business difficulty caused by COVID-19 and insurance.

We also provide the following extras as part of our service:

  • Information on business structure from a legal perspective
  • Advice on starting a business and forming a partnership
  • Conducting a thorough examination of commercial leases, business agreements, and employment arrangements
  • Guidance on intellectual property and brand protection concerns
  • The insurance and zoning concerns are discussed in detail.
  • Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) legal advice
  • Strategic, business, and financial planning
  • Arrangements for collaboration
  • Review different types of applications
  • Negotiations for a contract
  • Access to foreign markets

You’ll be able to save both time and money by working with us, and you’ll still receive high-quality legal advice and representation. Give us a call as soon as possible if you need immediate assistance. It’s easy, safe, and affordable.

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